L’Uomo La Molla, Lei se ne Sbatte e si Sposa DA SOLA

L'Uomo La Molla, Lei se ne Sbatte e si Sposa DA SOLA

Una donna ha deciso che non le serviva alcun uomo per sposarsi.


Lei è Linka Doktar, ha 34 anni e si è lasciata col fidanzato solo pochi mesi fa – ma questo non le ha impedito di coronare il suo sogno.


Così la giovane statunitense ha organizzato tutta la cerimonia in riva al mare ed ha sposato se stessa.


“Ho fatto tutto quello che farebbe una qualsiasi sposa”, ha raccontato.


“Ho letto le promesse a me stessa, ad alta voce, guardandomi dentro uno specchio”.


“Ho deciso di indossare un abito bianco e al posto dell’anello ho indossato una collana che significa fedeltà a me stessa“.


“Mi sono incamminata verso una vita in cui avrò più rispetto e amore per me stessa“.








[ DO YOU EVER DATE YOURSELF? ] ❤️ . As I sit here on a date by myself and with myself… I reflect on my journey from self-loathe into self-love. I also reflect deeply on the times I was seeking external validation from others. . It is so often we make an effort with our appearance when it comes to dating, meeting new people and simply when showing up in the world. . We groom & scrub.. We dress to impress… We get on a ‘health kick’ for that holiday… We make time to clear our busy schedule to connect with others… . But when was the last time you showed up for yourself in that same manner? . When was the last time you made the same kind of effort for YOU? . Here are 10 suggestions to instantly start pouring more love into yourSELF… . 1) TAKE YOURSELF OUT ON A DATE! Dress to impress no-one else but you. Wear your favourite clothes that you know look and feel great! Visit your favourite restaurant? . 2) TURN YOUR PHONE OFF and spend time with self. There is nothing more powerful than learning to be in your own company. Meditate or have a bath? . 3) TOUCH YOURSELF. (And before your mind goes in the gutter, stay with me) – Touch your skin head to toe visualising your hands radiating pink light into your body. Touch yourself the way you would touch something delicate. Give yourself a massage! . 4) MORNING RITUAL. Each morning before you check your phone or attend to your family needs, take some time to centre yourself and connect to gratitude. Set some powerful intentions for the day. Start getting up even 15 minutes earlier and commit to your daily self-practice. . 5) MOVE YOUR BODY because it feels good, not because you have to or because you are trying to lose or gain weight. Connect to movement that feels good. Perhaps try yoga? A walk in nature? Even a sensual dance by yourself in candle light? . 6) EAT TO NOURISH AND FUEL. Eating well is a form of self-respect. Eat with intention. Be grateful for your food and be intentional with your food choices. Start cutting back on sugar, alcohol and processed foods. Eat to fuel, to raise your vibration and to nourish your physical vessel. When you start to eat well your body also starts to feel well. ⬇️

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You know those uncomfortable things that “happened to you”… and the things that you did in the past that you now are ashamed of? They actually happened FOR you. Every turned on the ceiling light in a room full of daylight? You didn’t see any change, right? Different story night time… right? THE LIGHT & THE DARK MUST CONTINUE TO CO-EXIST ☯️ Honour the dark within you. Honour your story. Have a blessed day ✨ Linda x Speaker| Writer | Healer | Intuitive Coach . . . . #mindsetcoach #healer #lifecoach #picoftheday #entrepreneur #love #light #universe #mindset #life #beach #woman #health #wellness #wisdom #psychology #writer #photooftheday #content #namaste #story #storytelling #storyteller #wholeness #awaken

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